All items are restockable unless stated otherwise. We will restock upon how many requests we receive from customers. The more the better of course =)

Customers are required to pay a deposit of half the price of the requested restock piece(s). Customers are welcome to pay full, it's not a problem.

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We're having a MASSIVE Halloween's Sale !!!

Prices slashed tremendously!! ONLY till November 8th

What are you waiting for? it? Grab it!


Wild Baby

Hey shoppers, this time's updates are from Bangkok !! Therefore it's not restockable, grab them fast!! By the way, wArNinG !! it's not for those who easily faint or have a weak heart. Haha, enjoy !!

Material : Lycra but feels similar to velvet (very good quality)
Size : Free Size, Fits up to UK8
Colour : Black (Sold)
Status : SOLD OUT


Glam & Rock

Too much skin ?? Where it with leggings or stockings !

Material : Cotton
Size : Free Size , Fits up to UK10
Colour : Blue [( Round Studs/Square Studs (Sold)]
Status : Available in Round Studs

RM45 RM35!!

Disco Diva

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3 (left : Silver, right : Brown)

Material : Soft PU
Size : Free Size, Fits up to UK10
Colour : Design 1 (Sold), Design 2, Design 3 [Silver (Sold)/Brown (Sold)]
Status : Available

RM50 RM35!!


Thanks to those who came to Bizarre Bazaar @ Mist Club today =)
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Too bad there's no photos as I didn't bring my camera.